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The K. Tsiolkovsky Memorial House Museum

The wooden house where Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, the founder of astronautic theory, lived most of his life.
Owing to the fact that Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, a brilliant self-taught scientist, who became the founder of astronautic theory, lived and worked in Kaluga, the city is called “the cradle of cosmonautics”. The house where the scientist and his family had lived from 1904 to 1933 became the scientist's museum in September of 1936. Here his great works showing humanity the way to interstellar space were created. Here you can see and, what is more important, feel how Tsiolkovsky lived and worked. Many rarities are on display. These are the things that belonged to the famous scientist, including models of the airship envelope, tools, auditory tubes and other household items created by K.E. Tsiolkovsky.
You can go up the Tsiolkovsky stairs, which cosmonauts compare to a space ramp, and open the "door to outer space". The scientist's relatives called so the door leading from the workshop veranda to the roof where Tsiolkovsky carried out astronomical observations and conducted experiments.


Kaluga Oblast
79, Tsiolkovsky Str., Kaluga
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How to get

from the Kaluga railway and bus station by trolleybus N 1 and minibus N 1 to the stop “Tsiolkovsky Park” or by minibuses N 29, 31 to the stop “School N 6”.