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literary museum (and. The Northerner)


Vologda Oblast
vologda region, cherepovets district, vladimirovka village, severyanina str., 1
If you want to admire the picturesque scenery of the village of Vladimirovka and get acquainted with the biography and work of the King of Russian poets Igor Severyanin (I. V. Lotarev), then you should definitely visit the Lotarev estate. today it is the only museum in russia that is dedicated to the work of igor severyanin.


Unfortunately, the items and furniture were sold at auction, but inside some things remained intact. These are stoves finished with white tiles, high wooden doors and walls. In one of the rooms there is a library, which contains both fiction of the 19th and 20th centuries, as well as textbooks. On some there is a mark of a Real school, in which, as you know, Igor Severyanin studied. But there was still one authentic and unique exhibit – a floor mirror, in front of which Igor Severyanin could spend hours cleaning himself up.
Anyway, the estate is filled with the spirit of creativity. Many poets and artists still come to these places to find inspiration for their works.


in 1899, on the banks of the suda river and the kemza river that flows into it, mikhail petrovich lotarev began construction of the legendary estate. The place where the estate is built embodies the beauty of all of Russia: high banks, along which the river flows slowly but rapidly, a coniferous forest that keeps many secrets and riddles. mikhail petrovich's family was large (there were 6 children in the family), and he was a hospitable and hospitable person. therefore, the house was large, two-story, built of logs and decorated with carved architraves. next to the house there is a wonderful garden.
In 1918, the estate was nationalized, then Igor Severyanin left for Estonia. In 1925, a sanatorium was located here, first for children, and later for adults. On December 20, 1993, the first exhibition dedicated to Igor Severyanin was opened. In 1996, the estate was transferred to the Cherepovets Museum Association for the organization of a literary museum in it.

Interesting Facts

In his youth, the poet was in love with his cousin Lizaveta (daughter of his uncle). At the time, he was 12 and his sister was 17. And when he came to the estate to visit his uncle, he tried in every possible way to attract Lizaveta's attention. He bought a fixatoire, a mustache dye, and stood for a long time at the floor mirror, carefully sketching the newly emerging mustache. That is why when visitors to the museum look at this exhibit, it causes them positive emotions.