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Museum-Preserve "Staraya Ladoga"

Staraya (Old) Ladoga is the most ancient settlement of the north-west part of Russia. Staraya Ladoga (just Ladoga till 1704) was founded in the middle of the 8th century on the left bank of the Volkhov river - an important part of the Early Medieval trade routs . It was a reach and large trade, crafts, and military centre of the Viking age. Over the centuries, the ancient settlement has lived through many misfortunes but managed to save its precious historical monuments. You will see the viking burial mounds, the fragments of ancient fortresses of the 9th, 12th and 16th centuries, stone churches with amazing fresco paintings of the 12th century. Breathtaking views of the ancient settlement and the great deep Volkhov river are completed with reach archaeological exhibitions. Over 3 500 artefacts of the 11 000 BC - 1100 AD will show you the real History! Excursions in English are available.


Leningrad Oblast