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Museums of Kazan federal university

Historical, cultural and scientific heritage of Kazan University is great. Within the walls of our Alma mater, great people studied and worked, making scientific discoveries and making an invaluable contribution to the development of the country. The University is still developing and transforming dynamically, preserving its rich historical heritage. It is represented in expositions and collections of University museums.
The University's museums are the first state museums in the Volga region. They appeared in the early nineteenth century, retain its functions as an educational, scientific, and educational organizations. Their collections contain exhibits related to the activities of outstanding scientists who have made a huge contribution to the development of russian and world science (A. M. Butlerov, N. I. Lobachevsky, E. K. Zavoysky, etc.), Museum items that have no analogues in Russia.

You can visit the following museums of Kazan University:
1. Museum of history of Kazan university
2. Lobachevsky museum
3. Eversman zoology museum and herbarium
4. Schtukenberg Museum of Geology and Mineralogy
5. Ethnography museum
6. Zavoysky museum-laboratory
7. Museum of Kazan chemical school
If you want to visit the University's museums, you must first call and make an appointment, since the museums are also educational and accept students and guests of the University.
Kazan Federal University provides:
1. Overview or thematic tour of the University museums ' expositions.
2. Sightseeing tour of the old University complex and one of the museums.
3. Excursion "Kazan Federal University. History of the future with visits to laboratories and museums, museum classes, quests, quizzes, lectures.


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