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Feodosiya Literary-Memorial Museum of A. Grin

The Feodosiya Literary-Memorial Мuseum of A.Grin is one of the pearls of cultural heritage of the Crimea, the expo-sition of which is the embodiment of the spirit of the romantic creativity of the writer. The museum was opened on July 9, 1970 in the house, In which A.Grin lived in 1924-1929. The small one-storey house has authentic fasade but its interior un-derwent an unusual decoration. The rooms of this original museum remind the cabins of a sailboat with interesting names: “Hold of Frigate”, “Cabin of Wan-dering”, “Rostral”, “Captain`s Cabin”. The white walls are planked with dark wood and sisal rope. Except for pictures, en-gravings, manuscripts there is a rostrum of a ship, models of sailing vessels, an-cient ship devices and maps, ocean shells. Good taste, harmonious proportions, complete absence of any household de-tails keep the museum in the atmosphere of inspirations maintained through the years, here you feel happy, as if returned to the time of childhood dreams.
The Russian writer Alexander Grin spent the best years of his creative ma-turity in Feodosia.
It is the place where his novels “The Golden Chain”, “She Who Runs on the Waves”, “Jessie and Morgiana”, “The Road to Nowhere” and the pages of won-derful stories were born. From the very first day of birth Grin`s House has gath-ered wonderful, enthusiastic, talented people under its roof. The founder of the museum Gennadiy Zolotukhin together with the artist Savva Brodsky united the first ‘Grin`s admirers” into the unique galaxy of experts who created the living fairy-tale of the museum.
The main idea of this House was and is the combination of the best, “recogni-tion” of the like-minded, kindred souls. It is the museum of Creativity. It was the way the writer saw the world. That is why his House inspires musicians, artists, writ-ers and actors. The admirers of the unu-sual Grin`s prose can hear music there, see the whole range of modern painting, graphics, items of plastic arts and pho-tography in exposition halls. It is only in this harmony of indissoluble unity of arts and spiritual impressions where the Tree of Life and Culture is able to develop and give fruit; the creative heritage of an art-ist, whose name of which is Alexander Grin, can live and develop.


Autonomous Republic of Crimea