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Information and cultural centre "Museum of A.I. Solzhenitsyn"

At the opening of the museum, the writer's widow Natalya Solzhenitsyna read an unpublished excerpt from the memoirs of Alexander Isayevich about Kislovodsk.
Kislovodsk is the home town of the prose writer, playwright, Nobel Prize winner in literature Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Alexander Isaevich was born in the house of his uncle on December 11, 1918. But two years later, the building was nationalised, and the mother and son moved to the mansion of their sister Maria Gorina. After the death of Alexander Solzhenitsyn in 2008, by the decree of the President of the Russian Federation, the Gorina estate received the status of a cultural heritage site of federal significance. A year later, it became a branch of the State Literary Museum as a literary-memorial house-museum of A.I. Solzhenitsyn. In 2015, the Information and Cultural Centre "Museum of A.I. Solzhenitsyn" was opened.
The main exhibition of the museum is dedicated to the childhood and youth of the writer, his participation in the Great Patriotic War, being in forced labor camps, and the release of the first story "One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich", which made the writer famous all over the world. The museum houses a large video archive: interviews, fragments of feature films and documentaries, and video exhibitions.


Stavropol Krai
Stavropol Region, Kislovodsk, Alexander Solzhenitsyn st, 3
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