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Kuraginsky district Museum of local lore


Krasnoyarsk Krai
Patrizanskaya str. 167, Kuragino, Krasnoyarsk krai
Phones: +7 39136 2-35-19


Kuraginskiy district Museum of regional studies was founded in Kuraginskiy eight-year school in 1964 the school added an additional room for the Museum in 1969 by decision of the Executive Committee, the Museum becomes a "District people's Museum."

Currently, the Museum is located in part of the building of the former trading house of the merchant, gold miner, philanthropist and philanthropist Nikolai Pashennykh. Today the Museum is a municipal budgetary institution with three branches: the local history Museum of the village of Berezovskoye, the Mining and geological Museum (p. G. T. B. Irba) and The Museum named after A.M. Koshurnikov (p. G. T. Koshurnikovo).

The Museum's collections contain more than 23 thousand items from all historical periods of Kuraginsky district development. These are collections of various types and properties. The Museum's collection contains archaeological finds discovered in the vicinity of the village of Poilovo during excavations in 1968. and random finds. The Museum also has collections of folk weaving, embroidery, and peasant items